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TL/DR About Matt:

  • Im in my late 20’s, I started getting serious about my finances 3 years ago, and I’m all about that FI life!
  • Living in the south with my girlfriend and our dog/illegitimate dependent
  • I’ve been working in food service since graduating college, currently in management.  Perks include pretty good money, free food (AND COFFEE), and walking 5 miles a day/lifting stuff/not turning into mush sitting at a desk.

Treat Finance Yo Self

You know the saying.  Treat Yo Self.  

We trade 40, 50, 60 hours a week (the most productive, creative, and energy-filled hours) in exchange for money.  A job.

Then we trade that money for happiness – to feel safe, secure, fed, alive.

Sometimes we need more.  We need power, control, excitement, distraction, fulfillment, and prestige.  We work hard /make sacrifices for our money.  We trade our time, health, energy, focus, and ideas.  We deserve to have some  say over what we trade for.

So we treat ourselves – to new cars, clothes, gadgets, meals out, entertainment – you name it.  It gives us something to talk about when we go back to work on Monday…

We sacrifice and splurge, work and earn, rinse and repeat.  We need money.  We want money.  But personal finance is boring and complicated.  Right?


Personal Finance is PERSONAL.  How money fits in to your life.  A lot of advice is vague, unnecessary, overly complicated, and doesn’t really apply to you – aka it won’t make you happier.

What WILL make you happier is figuring out what you want out of life, and finding a way to use money as a tool to help you get that happiness.  To do this, we have to

  • Realize that we can be more self-sufficient with information than ever before.  If you want to save money, learn about investing, pay of debt faster, or buy a house, there are thousands of resources on the internet – tips, guides, examples, and personal stories – for whatever money questions you’re asking.
  • Ask the right questions.  This means asking questions that align with your goals and what you want to do, not what anybody else thinks you should be doing.
  • Decide that personal finance advice that applies to our own lives is actually really interesting, empowering, and pretty easy to understand.  If it doesn’t apply to you, you’ll probably think it’s boring.

Now go ahead and Pat Yo Self on the back.  If you’re interested in learning more about me and why I started this blog, read the first post here.

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