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Money Update – April 2017

Every month I’ll post an update on my finances from the last month, with a focus on increasing income, spending less, and maintaining a high savings rate.  You can see previous updates here.

Results – April 2017

April was a “normal” month – 2 paychecks, a tame stock market, and flat expenses.  My net … read more

We Are The Human Resources!

Unless you work in HR, you probably don’t spend a lot of time thinking about what the Human Resources department actually does.  For most of us, it’s the people who take care of our onboarding and paychecks and who we can go to with issues of discrimination and harassment.  They’re the “human” part of the … read more

The Hand That Feeds Me

Right now I have two hands that feed me.

The first one is my passive income.  Right now, this equals a few hundred dollars a year in dividends from investing in stocks.  I reinvest those (to get more dividends!) so they never hit my bank account.  I also occasionally open up a bank account or … read more

Do Debt Payments Count As Savings?

I think your Savings Rate is the most important financial metric you can use.  I love a good net worth graph too, but Savings Rate is pure.  It’s how much money comes in every month vs. how much you spend every month.  The flip side is your Spending/Savings Rate, or basically how much … read more

Shareholder Or Stakeholder?

At the end of the day, the number one goal of personal finance is to Cover Your Ass (CYA). Think about it. Budgeting, saving, debt, investing, insurance – these topics don’t just involve money, they can dictate the amount of freedom you have in your life.

For example,

  • Budgeting helps ensure you won’t spend
read more

The F*ck It Budgeting System

Note:  This is different than the “F*ck Budget” from the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck.”

As far as undesirable topics to talk about go, budgeting is probably in the top 10.  Most people HATE to budget.  Most people DON’T budget.  Budgets are

  • boring
  • unnecessary
  • time consuming
  • constraining
  • too real (as
read more

The Truth Is Out There…

Topics that involve both numbers and emotions have a wide spectrum of what we might call “truth”.

And personal finance is no exception.

In fact, finance might be the most mathematical emotional topic – when you consider how money makes us feel, what we sacrifice for it, and the dominant role it plays in nearly … read more

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