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My Life In Food Service

Most of this blog has been about how to manage the money you already have, with the occasional detour into some ways to make more money, and general thoughts on “work” as it exists in our lives.

And lately I’ve read more

My One Page Financial Plan

I’m not the type of person who writes out their New Years Resolutions.  Hell, I don’t even really make New Years Resolutions.  That’s not to say that I don’t have goals – I definitely do – but have always kept … read more

3 Years Into An FI Journey

One day about 3 years ago I sat down and fully tallied up my Net Worth – loans and all.  It was somewhere around -$43,000.  This came after I had taken the summer off, moved to a new state, … read more

Money Update – August 2017

Every month I’ll post an update on my finances from the last month, with a focus on increasing income, spending less, and maintaining a high savings rate.  You can see previous updates here.

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Save First, Ask Questions Later

I was 23 when I first became eligible to participate in my job’s 401k plan.  They made us attend a presentation about what a 401k was and how to use the website.  It was more of a how to use read more

Why I Chose to Pay Off My Student Loan Debt as Fast as Possible — Even If It Didn’t Make the Most Sense

Today, Jacob from Dollar Diligence shares how and why he went full speed ahead and paid off his student loans in less than a year and a half.

As a recent college graduate, I found myself overwhelmed by my student read more

Why What’s Good For Your Wallet Is Probably Good For You, Too

Everything has a cost.  First, there’s the upfront cost – what you initially pay for something.  Then there are the ongoing costs – maintenance, upkeep, storage, and opportunity costs (what your money could have done if invested, saved, etc.).

The … read more

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