Lately I’ve been browsing various message boards for my fire-related reading before bed and came across a subreddit for what’s called “leanFire”(https://www.reddit.com/r/leanfire).

It’s aimed at “people who want to retire before 60 with less than 40k in yearly expenses”, although it seems like most posters have yearly incomes that hover around that range, and quite a few that are lower.  There’s lots of discussion that relates to recent ideas about downshifting, which is also called leanFire in some places (the idea being that you’re not covering ALL expenses for 25+ years but more like your expenses are covered for 10-20 years by a less demanding job that would give you more time to explore other (likely income producing or saving) activities and let your portfolio compound before you touch it.

A lot of the budgets posted look very similar to mine, and I relate more to the Simple Living and Early Retirement Extreme concepts right now than I do to the optimization and planning aspect of things.  It’s also interesting that even in a seemingly specific, niche community of fi-seeking people subsets still emerge.

It’s important to remember that Financial Independence comes in all shapes and sizes – you can do it through real estate, investing, passive income, or all or none of the above.  The great thing about the increasing interest in FI is that a lot of smaller sub-communities are springing up.  Chances are you can find a sub community (on a topic that is admittedly difficult to discuss with friends, family, and especially coworkers) that aligns with your goals and interests.  For those of you currently focusing on the lower spending side of the equation, I think leanFire will make for interesting reading.

Thanks for reading, as always!

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