Cash Flow Calendar

One of the benefits of using a budgeting system for a few years now is that I know exactly what my cash flow looks like…for the entire year.

Cash Flow isn’t talked about as much as things like Net Worth and Savings Rate, but I’m pretty convinced it’s one of the most important numbers you should know.

While Net Worth is a good tool … read more

The People Vs. Themselves

On the way home from work one night I was able to catch an episode of the show Indivisible on NPR.  If you’re not familiar with it, Indivisible chronicles the first 100 days of Donald Trump’s presidency and has covered a ton of interesting topics in ways that don’t necessarily have to do with politics.  Anyways, the episode I listened to was America’s Shrinking Middle read more

Why What’s Good For Your Wallet Is Probably Good For You, Too

Everything has a cost.  First, there’s the upfront cost – what you initially pay for something.  Then there are the ongoing costs – maintenance, upkeep, storage, and opportunity costs (what your money could have done if invested, saved, etc.).

The reason why understand costs is so important is that we are great at determining the upfront costs.  We generally know how much it costs to … read more

Ask Yo Self: Why Don’t You Want To Do The Opposite?

Wants Vs. Needs.  The bread and butter of topics like budgeting, frugality, minimalism, stoicism, happiness – the list goes on.

Some people will argue that retiring on $20,000 a year sounds terrible – a life of deprivation, penny pinching, always watching account balances and more constraint than freedom.  Others will argue that in today’s society, $20,000 a year can buy you everything you need and … read more