15 Minutes Could Give You 15 Years Of Your Life Back

Housing, transportation, food.  And maybe taxes, depending on where you live.

These are the biggest expense categories for the majority of people, regardless of income.  It’s not uncommon to hear about someone spending 50% of their take home pay on rent, or someone making $30,000 a year with a $300 a month car payment (plus insurance and gas).

You might already know this.  You might … read more

The Rocket Science Behind Retirement

I came across an article on CNN (though it could have been any major news/content outlet) about why you should increase your 401k contributions – which as far as personal finance advice goes, I’m all for.  It even suggested that you HAVE to at least match your employer contributions or you’re losing out on free money!

But it doesn’t take long for the advice to … read more