Knowing What You Spend Is MANDATORY

There’s all sorts of reasons people bury their heads in the sand when it comes to personal finance.  It’s too complicated, it’s depressing, it’s taboo, it’s not fun or interesting…

Sure, if you want to talk about how the Economy is doing, or about how only professionals know what they’re doing in the stock market, and your parents said you need to buy a house in order to build wealth or you’ll be living on the street, then yeah, I don’t really care to talk about that stuff either.

Do You Know The Value Of A Dollar?

Ah, a dollar.

A few days ago, Jimmy Johns restaurants had lines of customers wrapped around their buildings simply because they were offering subs for only a dollar!  Parents love to give the reason of learning the value of a dollar (aka how much work is required to earn that dollar).  And fast food commercials love to boast about the cornucopia of options you can get “for just a buck” on their value menus.…

Shareholder Or Stakeholder?

At the end of the day, the number one goal of personal finance is to Cover Your Ass (CYA). Think about it. Budgeting, saving, debt, investing, insurance – these topics don’t just involve money, they can dictate the amount of freedom you have in your life.

For example,

  • Budgeting helps ensure you won’t spend more money than you make or have and won’t overdraw your bank account, go into debt, or bounce the rent check.

The F*ck It Budgeting System

Note:  This is different than the “F*ck Budget” from the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck.”

As far as undesirable topics to talk about go, budgeting is probably in the top 10.  Most people HATE to budget.  Most people DON’T budget.  Budgets are

  • boring
  • unnecessary
  • time consuming
  • constraining
  • too real (as in, making a budget would make you face some harsh realities about your lifestyle)

How The F*ck It Budget Works

The F*ck It Budget (FIB) is deceptive.  …

The Truth Is Out There…

Topics that involve both numbers and emotions have a wide spectrum of what we might call “truth”.

And personal finance is no exception.

In fact, finance might be the most mathematical emotional topic – when you consider how money makes us feel, what we sacrifice for it, and the dominant role it plays in nearly every decision we make.…

A Case For Working Overtime

Last fall, changes were made to the FLSAs Overtime Rules, raising the incomes for those considered non-exempt salaried employees.  Basically, unless you make a certain amount, your employer must pay you an hourly wage AND overtime pay for anything over 40 hours a week.  As someone who routinely worked 50-60 hours a week on salary the last few years, the opportunity to now earn overtime has put a new spring in my step.…