My One Page Financial Plan

I’m not the type of person who writes out their New Years Resolutions.  Hell, I don’t even really make New Years Resolutions.  That’s not to say that I don’t have goals – I definitely do – but have always kept them bouncing around in my brain as opposed to writing them down on paper.

Today, I’m writing those suckers out.  For a couple reasons.

The … read more

Financial Hibernation

Physical hibernation is simple – your body stores food over the summer so that it can sustain itself through the winter when food supplies are sparse.

If you spend at least a year tracking your spending, you’ll find that you go through “financial hibernations” as well.  Even if you have a steady paycheck, I’m sure there are times throughout the year where you get additional … read more


A lot of people describe big realizations about money in almost religious terms.  For some, it’s an “awakening” or an epiphany.  A light goes on, they realize the images on the cave wall are just shadows, and they wake up from the Matrix.  All this imagery could lead you to believe that it takes a money epiphany, some big event or change that propels us … read more


One word for the opposite of disappointment is happiness.

It’s so simple that there’s even a formula that can easily be photoshopped onto any inspirational picture you want.

Happiness = Expectations – Reality

When reality doesn’t meet your expectations, you’re disappointed.  Easy enough.  The idea is that by lowering your expectations (or at least being more mindful of them) that whatever reality comes your way … read more