The Desire to Run Away

My all time favorite photography work is Broken Manual, by Alec Soth.  Manual was created from 2006-2010 and explores the desire of people to escape their lives and their means of doing so.  Soth has noted that the book is “not about people who run away, but about the dream of running away.”  Contrasts are made between the childhood fantasy of escape and the realities of those who actually did.  … Read More

Serving Consumers

Every job produces something.  The quality, necessity, and application of what exactly is produced is debatable, but at the core of each job is the act of production.

Some jobs produce ideas, data, analysis, feedback, and instructions.  Others produce physical products, like iPhones, cars, and furniture.  … Read More

Work Is So Last Millenium

In 1930, economist John Maynard Keynes wrote an essay titled “Economic Possibilities For Our Grandchildren”.  While some of us nerds have quite a few opinions about the essay, most people probably think they’ve never heard of it.  And they haven’t…except for the part where we’re all supposed to be working 15 hours a week.Read More

Money Is A Tool

Personal Finance is not a complicated topic on it’s own, despite various books, blogs, courses and programs on the subject. For me, the concept of money itself has greatly informed how I look at personal finance.  All the advice, tricks, programs and apps in the world won’t truly make your life better until you decode what your relationship with money is really all about.… Read More