Existing Below Your Means

“Live Below Your Means”.

It’s probably the most well-known and obvious piece of personal finance advice.  Spending more than you earn will lead to debt, instability, and your livelihood being dependent on a job.

Then there’s the “personal finance 180” – you slash expenses, downsize your house, get rid of your car and sell a bunch of stuff, leaving you with a lean mean new budget and lifestyle.  … Read More


One word for the opposite of disappointment is happiness.

It’s so simple that there’s even a formula that can easily be photoshopped onto any inspirational picture you want.

Happiness = Expectations – Reality

When reality doesn’t meet your expectations, you’re disappointed.  Easy enough.  The idea is that by lowering your expectations (or at least being more mindful of them) that whatever reality comes your way won’t seem as shocking.… Read More

Authenticity – What Consumers Really Want (But Can’t Afford)

I recently finished reading Authenticity – What Consumers Really Want, by James H. Gilmore and B. Joseph Pine.

The process of reading the book got me thinking about what authenticity really means and how we search for it in different ways.  If the key to happiness is living a life that is personally meaningful and true to what we really want – an authentic life – it makes perfect sense that we would so strongly seek out authenticity in every possible area of our lives.  … Read More

Pay Down Debt vs. Invest? I’m Split!


The general assumption in investing is that the stock market returns around 7% a year on average.  Some years are better, some worse, with some variance due to fees and investment choices.  And so it goes that if you have debts with interest rates anywhere between say 3-6% (typically a mortgage or student loans), you have a difficult choice to make.… Read More