Existing Below Your Means

“Live Below Your Means”.

It’s probably the most well-known and obvious piece of personal finance advice.  Spending more than you earn will lead to debt, instability, and your livelihood being dependent on a job.

Then there’s the “personal finance 180” – you slash expenses, downsize your house, get rid of your car and sell a bunch of stuff, leaving you with a lean mean new budget and lifestyle.  … Read More


Lately I’ve been browsing various message boards for my fire-related reading before bed and came across a subreddit for what’s called “leanFire”(https://www.reddit.com/r/leanfire).

It’s aimed at “people who want to retire before 60 with less than 40k in yearly expenses”, although it seems like most posters have yearly incomes that hover around that range, and quite a few that are lower.  … Read More

“Controlling” Time

Now, and when I was a kid, whenever someone would ask me “if I could have one superpower what would it be?” I would answer the power to stop time.

This thought pops up quite a bit – in college when I’d procrastinated and was pulling an all-nighter and wishing I could hit pause and sleep, and now on “weekends” when I get the “Sunday dreads”  (My work schedule changes so I use these terms to describe days off, which usually fall on weekdays).… Read More

Artists and FI

The best class I took in college was called Advanced Art Criticism.  Unfortunately you could only take it in your final year, usually in the second semester – far too late.

After a few years of studying the history, processes, interpretations, and roles of art and the lives of artists you have a pretty good idea about what kind of work you want to make, how to talk about it, and where it fits in in the grand scheme of things.  … Read More

Why Financial Independence?

Retirement is a far-off milestone for most people.  Any 21 year old fresh faced college graduate sees the coming decades of their life dominated by careers and families, with the option to quit work at least 4 decades away.  Put another way, for someone who has only been alive for 21 years, age 65 is triple their time on this planet.  … Read More