Authenticity – What Consumers Really Want (But Can’t Afford)

I recently finished reading Authenticity – What Consumers Really Want, by James H. Gilmore and B. Joseph Pine.

The process of reading the book got me thinking about what authenticity really means and how we search for it in different ways.  If the key to happiness is living a life that is personally meaningful and true to what we really want – an authentic life – it makes perfect sense that we would so strongly seek out authenticity in every possible area of our lives.  … Read More

A Real UAW

This summer (remember summer?  When it was warm?) I finally got around to reading The Millionaire Next Door, one of the quintessential personal finance books.  Besides shining light on the habits that make and keep people wealthy, MND also gave rise to an intriguing measure of wealth accumulation.Read More

Serving Consumers

Every job produces something.  The quality, necessity, and application of what exactly is produced is debatable, but at the core of each job is the act of production.

Some jobs produce ideas, data, analysis, feedback, and instructions.  Others produce physical products, like iPhones, cars, and furniture.  … Read More

Making vs. Earning

Photographers will tell you that they make pictures rather than take them (thanks to Ansel Adams).  Saying you “make” a photograph implies intent, purpose, reasoning, and planning – in effect to validate photography as a “real” pursuit that requires practice and work.

Photography is often viewed as the death of painting, a medium that took real skill and years to master.  … Read More