The F*ck It Budgeting System

Note:  This is different than the “F*ck Budget” from the book “The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a F*ck.”

As far as undesirable topics to talk about go, budgeting is probably in the top 10.  Most people HATE to budget.  Most people DON’T budget.  Budgets are

  • boring
  • unnecessary
  • time consuming
  • constraining
  • too real (as in, making a budget would make you face some harsh realities about your lifestyle)

How The F*ck It Budget Works

The F*ck It Budget (FIB) is deceptive.  …

How Much Of Your Income Do You Spend?

Apparently last week was America Saves Week.  Does that mean the other 51 weeks a year are America Spends Weeks?…(ba dum dum)

Anyways, lately we talk a lot about specific numbers and what role they play.  There’s the big names like Net Worth and lesser known (but equally important) Real Hourly Wage.  There’s one more number I want to discuss – Savings Rate.

Personal Capital – Net Worth Made Easy

Very early in any stage of personal finance will come the topic of “Net Worth”.

What is Net Worth?  It’s your assets minus your expenses.  But it can get a whole lot more complicated than that.

Why Should I Know My Net Worth?

Despite being one number, your net worth can tell you a great deal about your financial health.  …