The Truth Is Out There…

Topics that involve both numbers and emotions have a wide spectrum of what we might call “truth”.

And personal finance is no exception.

In fact, finance might be the most mathematical emotional topic – when you consider how money makes us feel, what we sacrifice for it, and the dominant role it plays in nearly every decision we make.… Read More

A Case For Working Overtime

Last fall, changes were made to the FLSAs Overtime Rules, raising the incomes for those considered non-exempt salaried employees.  Basically, unless you make a certain amount, your employer must pay you an hourly wage AND overtime pay for anything over 40 hours a week.  As someone who routinely worked 50-60 hours a week on salary the last few years, the opportunity to now earn overtime has put a new spring in my step.… Read More

Monthly Update – March 2017

Every month I’ll post an update on my finances from the last month, with a focus on increasing income, spending less, and maintaining a high savings rate.  You can see previous updates here.

Results – March 2017

March is finally over, which means I’m about to enter Financial Hibernation – basically the first 3 months of the year are awesome in terms of financial progress for me due to lots of extra income.  … Read More


Physical hibernation is simple – your body stores food over the summer so that it can sustain itself through the winter when food supplies are sparse.

If you spend at least a year tracking your spending, you’ll find that you go through “financial hibernations” as well.  … Read More


A lot of people describe big realizations about money in almost religious terms.  For some, it’s an “awakening” or an epiphany.  A light goes on, they realize the images on the cave wall are just shadows, and they wake up from the Matrix.  All this imagery could lead you to believe that it takes a money epiphany, some big event or change that propels us into reexamining how we live our lives.… Read More