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It Takes One Weekend To Learn About Investing

I know that title sounds a little weird.  Maybe “Can You Learn Everything You Need to Know About Investing in One Weekend” is more accurate.

Anyways, I started thinking about this after reading a post on reddit/personalfinance.  The original topic … continue reading

When 24-Year-Old Me Bought A Car…

At the age of 28 I’ve had 3 cars so far in my life.

The first one, at 16, was a pickup truck.  It was all manual (even the transmission) and I had to mentally calculate how much gas to … continue reading

Ask Yo Self: Why Don’t You Want To Do The Opposite?

Wants Vs. Needs.  The bread and butter of topics like budgeting, frugality, minimalism, stoicism, happiness – the list goes on.

Some people will argue that retiring on $20,000 a year sounds terrible – a life of deprivation, penny pinching, always … continue reading

The Average Joneses

Have you ever noticed that anybody driving slower than you is an idiot, and anyone going faster than you is a maniac?

-George Carlin

Some people find comparisons invigorating.  They want to see how they measure up, who the competition … continue reading

Efficiency + Effectiveness = Success

When trying to solve a problem I think most people will try to find the most effective solution for the least amount of effort.  At a certain point any extra effort might be considered a waste.  (see the Pareto principle, continue reading

Convenience Is Really Inconvenient

Traffic.  Long lines.  Slow internet connections.

It’s easy to get annoyed at these things.  The stress you feel on your daily commute isn’t imaginary.

The walls are down.  There’s a reason people say “work-life balance” and not “life-work balance”.  We … continue reading

Knowing What You Spend Is MANDATORY

There’s all sorts of reasons people bury their heads in the sand when it comes to personal finance.  It’s too complicated, it’s depressing, it’s taboo, it’s not fun or interesting…

Sure, if you want to talk about how the Economy continue reading

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