Existing Below Your Means

“Live Below Your Means”.

It’s probably the most well-known and obvious piece of personal finance advice.  Spending more than you earn will lead to debt, instability, and your livelihood being dependent on a job.

Then there’s the “personal finance 180” – you slash expenses, downsize your house, get rid of your car and sell a bunch of stuff, leaving you with a lean mean new budget and lifestyle.  … Read More

Do It All – With A Savings Snowball

How do you save for the short term (big purchases, vacations, a wedding), a house downpayment, and retirement, and pay off debt at the same time?  And stay sane?

It can all seem overwhelming.  And if there’s one thing that makes someone shy away from anything personal finance (or anything) it’s when something seems too frustrating, complicated, and more trouble than it’s worth.… Read More