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Welcome to FINANCE YO SELF!  Why the all caps?

Because while most people probably find personal finance pretty boring, I love it!  So much so that over the last couple of years I’ve spent time every single day either reading or writing about different aspects of money, life, and happiness or consciously taking action to make myself more financially stable.

You might think of financing yoself as:

  • Self serving
  • Self reliant
  • Self preserving

Regardless, the most important part (if you couldn’t already tell!) is SELF.  And yes I used all caps AND bold font on that one.

The idea is simple.  Most people have jobs and earn money and spend money.  They treat themselves on nights and weekends, believe that financial education is complicated and best left to professionals, and constantly think about how all their problems would be solved if they just had more money.

What I believe (and practice and work at every day) is that personal finance is an insanely simple topic, that you’re already managing your money even if you don’t realize it, and a few small things can drastically improve your financial wellbeing.  You can’t get rich quick, and you won’t become a financial guru (if there is such a thing) overnight.  You can realize that you already probably know a lot about personal finance – especially your finances.

Once you realize that, you can truly paint a financial picture that makes sense to you!

For more about me and why I started this blog, check out the first post here!

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