Get Rich Simply, Not Quickly

When trying to solve a problem I think most people will try to find the most effective solution for the least amount of effort.  At a certain point any extra effort might be considered a waste.  (see the Pareto principle, also known as the 80/20 rule – generally, 80% of the effects come from 20% […]

“Controlling” Time

Now, and when I was a kid, whenever someone would ask me “if I could have one superpower what would it be?” I would answer the power to stop time. This thought pops up quite a bit – in college when I’d procrastinated and was pulling an all-nighter and wishing I could hit pause and […]

Artists and FI

The best class I took in college was called Advanced Art Criticism.  Unfortunately you could only take it in your final year, usually in the second semester – far too late. After a few years of studying the history, processes, interpretations, and roles of art and the lives of artists you have a pretty good […]

Pay Down Debt vs. Invest? I’m Split!

Literally! The general assumption in investing is that the stock market returns around 7% a year on average.  Some years are better, some worse, with some variance due to fees and investment choices.  And so it goes that if you have debts with interest rates anywhere between say 3-6% (typically a mortgage or student loans), […]

The Desire to Run Away

My all time favorite photography work is Broken Manual, by Alec Soth.  Manual was created from 2006-2010 and explores the desire of people to escape their lives and their means of doing so.  Soth has noted that the book is “not about people who run away, but about the dream of running away.”  Contrasts are […]

A Beginner’s Guide to Fintech

After a few hours of browsing various personal finance topics online it’s possible you’ve encountered an interesting new term: Fintech No, fintech isn’t the name of the company Peter Gibbons worked for in the movie Office Space, but it does sound just as bland.  And it’s changing nearly everything about how people interact with money. […]

A Real UAW

This summer (remember summer?  When it was warm?) I finally got around to reading The Millionaire Next Door, one of the quintessential personal finance books.  Besides shining light on the habits that make and keep people wealthy, MND also gave rise to an intriguing measure of wealth accumulation. In short, MND highlights the fact that […]