One word for the opposite of disappointment is happiness. It’s so simple that there’s even a formula that can easily be photoshopped onto any inspirational picture you want. Happiness = Expectations – Reality When reality doesn’t meet your expectations, you’re disappointed.  Easy enough.  The idea is that by lowering your expectations (or at least being […]

Can You Learn Investing In One Weekend?

I know that title sounds a little weird.  Maybe “Can You Learn Everything You Need to Know About Investing in One Weekend” is more accurate. Anyways, I started thinking about this after reading a post on reddit/personalfinance.  The original topic was about how to get started with investing and somewhere in there a discussion popped up about whether […]


Lately I’ve been browsing various message boards for my fire-related reading before bed and came across a subreddit for what’s called “leanFire”(https://www.reddit.com/r/leanfire). It’s aimed at “people who want to retire before 60 with less than 40k in yearly expenses”, although it seems like most posters have yearly incomes that hover around that range, and quite […]

Personal Capital – Net Worth Made Easy

Very early in any stage of personal finance will come the topic of “Net Worth”. What is Net Worth?  It’s your assets minus your expenses.  But it can get a whole lot more complicated than that. Why Should I Know My Net Worth? Despite being one number, your net worth can tell you a great […]

Monthly Update – January 2017

Welcome readers! One purpose of this blog is to document my progress as I work towards financial independence and share what I’ve learned in the process of gaining control of my finances. While I’ve been using a budget (shoutout to You Need A Budget!) for over two years now, 2016 was the first year I […]

App Review – Robinhood

Robinhood is an investing app that boasts free stock trades, low account minimums, and an easy to use interface.  I’ve been interested in getting in to dividend growth investing and individual stocks and have been using Robinhood for a couple weeks now to dip my toe in the water. Before we start, here are some […]

Authenticity – What Consumers Really Want (But Can’t Afford)

I recently finished reading Authenticity – What Consumers Really Want, by James H. Gilmore and B. Joseph Pine. The process of reading the book got me thinking about what authenticity really means and how we search for it in different ways.  If the key to happiness is living a life that is personally meaningful and true […]